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2019-01-11 Taoyuan announced the final results of the Contest of Illustrated Books for Promoting Environmental Education; the concept to protect environment well promoted through illustrated books
2018-12-27 Taoyuan's effect on managing the "Air Quality Purification Area" that wins three national awards
2018-12-20 Department of Environmental Protection’s immediate response to the poor air quality today (11/8)
2018-12-14 Bade Pond and Daxi Water Resources Recycling Center have been officially certified. There are fourteen places for environmental education in Taoyuan City.
2018-12-06 Taoyuan City’s Biomass Energy Center is Officially Signed and will Start Operate in 2021
2018-11-29 Sixty Role Model Cleaners, Nameless Heroes who Create a Clean Taoyuan City Receive Awards
2018-11-22 The Sustainable Use of the Agricultural Base in Finding the Green Fairyland: the Exposition of Sustainable Agriculture by the Utilization of the Four Main Expo Halls from 2018 Taoyuan Agriculture
2018-11-15 The First Ever “Association of the Coastline Management” Established in Taoyuan City to Protect the Coastal Scenery, Creating a Place for Recreation Time
2018-11-08 The first ever policy on“the examination and maintenance at once for diesel vehicles”in Taoyuan City is highly acclaimed; the second motor company received the certificate for the diesels' maintenance
2018-10-26 Taoyuan Visits the ICLEI East Asia Secretariat to Learn from International Experience on Sustainable Development