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2020-02-14 Taiwan’s first FEIA Online Application System goes live next year
2020-02-07 Team with TYEEA winners to vie for NEEA championship
2020-01-31 Taoyuan is the first city in the nation to officially announce its VLR on the international conference “Asian Countries’ Self-Reliance Contributions and Urban Climate Action” hosted in Spain
2020-01-17 Taoyuan City becomes the indictor city in the ICLEI global EcoLogistics Community and successfully makes a connection with two cities in Colombia and Argentina
2020-01-10 Taoyuan City Promotes the Adoptions inthe Air Quality Purification Areas and Five Adoption Units Win the Awards
2020-01-02 An Alliance of Prosecutors-Police and Marine Environment Units for the Promotion of Environmental Justice in Taoyuan; the Department of Environmental Protection Adopts Diversified Approaches to Crack Down on Unlawful Activities
2019-12-26 The “Beach Cleanup Activity for the Love of Taoyuan” was relocated to the estuary of the Puxin River to safeguard the “Wetlands Paradise for Water Birds”
2019-12-18 The "Air PollutionResponse Measures Drill" as conducted in Taoyuan to support better air quality in the autumn and winter
2019-12-13 Breakthrough of Taiwan's diplomatic dilemma and the leader of city diplomacy, Taoyuan City becomes the indictor city in the global EcoLogistics Communityfor sustainable urban freight
2019-12-06 Cross-sector collaboration of Hsinchu Science Park and Taoyuan Environmental Science and Technology Park for the promotion of the circular economy