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2021-09-24 TYCG strives NT$167m EPA fund for demo squadron offices Luzhu and Pingzhen squadrons build new homes with resource recycling and storage sites Best benefits for cleaning squadron members among six municipalities with 5 innovations and 10 measures
2021-09-17 No more acidic rain in Zhongli, according to the latest monitoring. TYCG forms a task force for continual improvement.
2021-09-11 TYDEP deploys dengue protection net with the second city disinfection to eliminate infection sources through patrol, pour, clean, and brush
2021-09-04 Taoyuan amends the “Low-Carbon Green City Self-Governance Regulations” for convenience stores use reusable containers the first in Taiwan
2021-08-27 Culprit of Brackish Yellow-Green Wastewater in Nankan River Identified, with Heavy Fines and Work Suspension Order Imposed by Taoyuan DEP
2021-08-21 Selfless Heroes: Outstanding Environmental Protection Volunteers Announced
2021-08-13 First in the Nation: Recycled Aggregates Generated from Incinerators in Taoyuan Up For Bids, A Milestone for the Circular Economy
2021-08-06 Taoyuan Launches Dual Track Measures of Environmental Disinfection and Rapid Screening of Foreign Workers for an Enhanced Safety Web
2021-07-31 The Pride of Taiwan! Taoyuan uses sustainable green energy, and is the World's only City shortlisted for the Keeling Curve Prize
2021-07-25 Taoyuan is awarded with Award of Excellence for Climate Change Action Evaluation 9 years in a Row