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2019-05-17 Taoyuan’s resource recycling is the champion nationwide! It won the "Supreme Quality Award" for the third consecutive year
2019-05-10 Xucuogang is going to be a "Wetland Paradise for Water Birds" The restoration of wetlands is officially started!
2019-04-25 With regards to the hydrogen sulfide leakage incident of the PuSen Recycling Company in Guanyin District of Taoyuan City
2019-04-19 With regards to the media report of Chen O Chi on the piles of waste woods in Taoyuan City, the Department of Environmental Protection has investigated and handled the situation as follows:
2019-04-12 The water environment patrol team of Taoyuan City is the national champion again! Foreign experts come to learn and gain knowledge from the team
2019-04-03 The indoor air quality needs to be improved as well.
2019-03-29 Voting results on the favorite "Taoyuan environmental education site" out for good places for people of all ages
2019-03-22 Taoyuan City's counseling and inspection of recycled food waste at pig farms and levies fines for unqualified operators.
2019-03-15 Department of Environmental Protection of Taoyuan provides the explanation as follows in response to environmental groups' concerns over CPC's third natural gas receiving station:
2019-03-08 Management of Wetlands in Xucuogang Awarded National Excellence by the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior