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Section/Office Job Responsibility
Comprehensive Planning Section Comprehensive planning, environmental impact assessment, research and development, and other comprehensive environmental business.
Environmental Sustainability Section Environmental education/publicity, sustainable ecology and urban development strategy and planning, promotion of green energy and emission reduction, and sustainable ecological work.
Air Quality Protection Section Air pollution prevention of fixed pollution sources, mobile pollution sources and construction projects, management of indoor air quality and toxic chemical substances
Water Quality Protection and Soil Remediation Section Water body and water quality pollution control and emergency response, drinking water quality management, and soil and groundwater pollution remediation.
General Waste Management Section General waste disposal policy planning, operation and management of processing facilities, and review of business setup plans.
Industrial Waste Management Section Disposal, processing, reuse and import/export management of industrial waste, environmental protection science park business, management of environmental agents and pest control.
Noise Control Section Environment noise control, non-ionizing radiation and vibration measurement and control, aviation noise control, subsidization and feedback.
Environmental Inspection Section Investigation of pollution reports, dispute settlement, inspection and verification, fine collection, and environmental quality monitoring.
Public Relation Office News data collection and publication, contract with mass media and the parliament, and other public relations.
Administration Office Paper work, seal, file management, cashier, general affairs, property management and information, service for citizens, legal affairs, and affairs not belonging to any unit.
Accounting Office Implement budgeting, accounting and statistics by the law.
Personnel Office Implement personnel management by the law.
Governmental Ethics Office Implement government ethical affairs by the law.
Environmental Maintenance and Inspection Division Performing services of conventional waste disposal collection and transportation, resource recycling, public toilet maintenance and supervision, environmental sanitary maintenance as well as inspection, enforcement and report of cases in violation of Environmental Protection Act etc.
Shen, Chih-Hsiu Director general
Shen, Chih-Hsiu
  1. Doctor, Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University
  2. Masters, Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University
  3. Bachelor, Department of Environmental Engineering, National Chung Hsing Universit
1988 Senior Civil Service Examination, Environmental Inspection, intermediate-grade
  • 2014.12 ~: Director General, Department of Environmental Protection, Taoyuan
  • 2012.03 ~ 2012.08: Appointed as the Deputy Sectional Chief, 11th Grade, of the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan
  • 2010.06 ~ 2012.03: Appointed as the Deputy Departmental Director, 11th Grade, of the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuann
  • 2010.04 ~ 2010.06: Appointed as the Deputy Director, 11th Grade, of the Environmental Analysis Laboratory, Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan
  1. Director General
  2. Deputy Director General
  3. Chief Secretary
  4. Senior Executive Officer ‧ Senior Specialist
  5. Planning Section , Air Quality Protection Section , Water Quality Protection Section , General WasteManagement Section , Environmental Sanitation Management Section , Environmental ExaminationSection , Environmental Inspection Section , Industrial Waste Management Section , AdministrationOffice , Personnel Office , Accounting Office , Civil Service Ethnic Office

Bus Route from Taoyuan Train Station to Taoyuan City

Detailed Guidance: Reach Taoyuan Train Station by train and take Bus No. 1 (bound for Jhongli). Get off at the City Government Stop on Fusing Road.


Route from Nantaoyuan Interchange to Taoyuan City Government

Detailed Guidance: Exit No. 2 National Highway at Nantaoyuan Interchange and connect to Dasing W. Road. Turn right at Guoji Road, turn left at Wunjhong Road, and turn right at Jhengguang Street. Turn left at Siamen Street and go straight on to the city government.