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Management of medicine used for environmental health

Q: What is “Environmental Medicine”?

A: “Environmental medicine” means the chemical medicines or microorganism 2 pharmaceuticals applied to environmental

health or pollution prevention. Therefore, it includes environmental health medicines, pollution prevention medicine and microorganism pharmaceutical for environmental medicine.

Q: What is “Environmental health medicine”?

A: “Environmental health medicine” means pesticide, raticide, bactericide and other medicine preventing the organism harmful to environmental health.

Q: What is “Pollution prevention medicine”?

A: “Pollution prevention medicine” means chemical compound medicine used for prevention of air pollution, water pollution, ocean pollution, underground water pollution, soil pollution or waste treatment.

Q: What is “Environmental medicine microorganism pharmaceutical”?

A: Environmental medicine microorganism pharmaceutical” means the pharmaceutical made of natural or artificial microorganism or products resulting from its metabolism, which is used to prevent air pollution, water pollution, sea pollution, underground water pollution, soil pollution or waste treatment or environmental health disease, exclusive of the microorganism pharmaceutical for the purpose of medicines, agricultural medicines, foods or feed additives.

Q: What is the “general environmental medicine”?

A: “The general environmental medicine” means the environmental medicines manufactured, processed and imported upon the approval of the Environmental Protection Administration and applied conveniently, such as spray, mosquito coil incense and electric liquid mosquito incense.

Q: What is “the environmental medicine seller”?

A: “The environmental medicine seller” means the supplier engaged in import, export, wholesale and retail of the environmental medicine, exclusive of the retailers and wholesalers of the general environmental medicine.

Q: What is “the disease prevention supplier”?

A: “The disease prevention supplier” means the supplier engaged in prevention of such disease carriers as worms and rats, and disinfection and sterilization.

Q: How to distinguish the pesticide and raticide for environmental health and for agriculture?

A: The laws and authority governing the both are different. The former is governed by the Environmental Protection Administration in accordance with the laws governing environmental medicine, and the medicine is labeled with the words “environmental medicine”. The latter is governed by Council of Agriculture, and the medicine is labeled with the words “agricultural medicine”.

Q: How to choose the pesticides applicable to the environment around residences?

A: All registered medicines have been authenticated by the Environmental Protection Administration. Consumers shall pay attention to the applicable objects, duration and permit no. and use the medicines in accordance with the instructions.

Q: How to choose a fine qualified pest control company?

A: 1. Competency – professional technicians of a qualified company are all registered after passing the training of the Environmental Protection Administration; therefore, a qualified company shall possess three certificates, namely profit-making business registration, disease prevention license and certificates of the qualification of professional technicians; 2. Expenses – the price fixed by Disease Prevention Association may be taken into consideration; notwithstanding, the consumer may also compare the price quoted by other companies.