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Overall Planning Section

1.Environmental assessment on establishment of factory and registration of alteration

2. Assessment of environmental impact

3. Environmental protection volunteers

4. Environmental protection marks

5.Certified documents of pollution of listed and OTC companies

6. Relevant business

7.What is “Garbage Classification”?

Air and Noise Control Section

1. 2007 Major Sources of Air Pollutants

2. Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) & Concentration of Air Pollutants from 1994 to 2007

3. Taiwan’s Ongoing Efforts to Establish a Domestic GHG Scheme

4. Air Pollution Laws

5. Noise Pollution Laws

6. The Carpool Website sponsored by Taipei City, Taipei County, Keelung City and Taoyuan County (TTKT) kicked off.

Water Quality Protection and Soil Remediation Section

1. Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Environmental Health and Toxicant Management Section

1. Restrictions on use of shopping plastic bags

Disposable tableware Q&A

1. Management of advertising materials

2. Project for removal of road blockade in the jurisdiction of this County

3. Management of toxic substances

4. Management of medicine used for environmental health