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Management of toxic substances

Q: How to apply for the operation of the toxic chemical substance controlled under the central government’s publication?

A: There are a total of 252 types of toxic chemical substances controlled under the Environmental Protection Administration's publication, which are classified subject to the controlled concentration standard and minimum quantity. The manners and types of application include permit, registration, minimum quantity and 4 th class toxic chemical substance. Suppliers shall decide the type of application subject to the concentration and usage volume of the toxic chemical substance.

Q: The environmental protection authority will conduct inspection irregularly after a supplier’s application for operation of toxic chemical substance is granted. What will the contents of the inspection be?

A: With respect to the operation of toxic chemical substance, the items included in the inspection to be conducted by Environmental Protection Bureau are (1) Inspection of right to operate-items to be inspected include “permit for manufacturing”, “permit for import”, “permit for sale”, “registration”, “approval for minimum quantity”, “4th class” and “others”; (2) Inspection of indications – inspect whether the place of operation, packaging and containers are installed with Chinese indications; (3) Inspection of information – items to be inspected include “operation record”, “application form”, “MSDS”, “sextet form” and “hazard prevention and emergency response plan”; (4) Inspection of equipment – items to be inspected include inspecting whether detecting and alarming equipment, discharge or leakage prevention facilities are installed or not; (5) Inspection of dedicated personnel; (6) Inspection of inventory – to confirm whether the recorded inventory matches the actual inventory.

Q: How do suppliers report the record of operation of toxic chemical substance, record of discharging volume and delivery note of toxic chemical substance?

A: There are two ways to report the record of operation and discharging volume: 1. report in writing, on a monthly basis, and the report shall be sent via registered mail to the Environmental Protection Bureau by 10th per quarter (registration, permit) or by January 15th per year (approval for minimum quantity, 4th class toxic chemical substance); 2. report on-line, the website ww2.epa.gov.tw/toxic; (2) delivery note of toxic chemical substance may be reported in three ways: 1. in writing 2. on-line, www.epa.gov.tw/j/toxic/index.htm; 3. by fax, Fax No. (03) 3351883.