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Management of advertising materials

Q: How should the general public cope with the policy restricting the use of plastic (Styrofoam) disposable tableware?

A: This policy restricts the use of plastic (Styrofoam) disposable tableware only, exclusive of the disposable tableware made of other material. Therefore, the enforcement of the policy will not produce significant impact on the public’s daily life. The public may cope with the policy in the following manners: (1) carrying their personal tableware; (2) using reusable tableware; (3) using non-plastic disposable tableware to decrease the quantity of the tableware wasted immediately after being used. It is believed that this policy will be helpful positively to the improvement of Taiwan’s long-term environmental quality.

Q: What requirements must the application for hanging banners as promotional materials comply with?x

A: The promotion shall be related to public benefit; (2) If the promotion is related to public benefit, title, contents, location where the banners should be hung, time and quantity of banners shall be provided to this Bureau in writing.

Q: How to apply for posting advertising materials in bulletin?

A: Apply for it with the cleaning squad of the various township offices. The duration, charge and manner shall be subject to the rules defined by the cleaning of the various township offices.

Q: What kind of punishment will be imposed if one posts and paints advertising materials arbitrarily?

A: According to Waste Disposal Act, a fine of more than NT$1,200 but less than NT$6,000 shall be imposed, and if perpetrator still fails to rectify his wrongful conduct within the prescribed time limit, he shall be fined consecutively on a daily basis. If the perpetrator refuses to pay the fine, he shall be subject to a compulsory execution. Further, according to Article 8 of Telecommunications Act, if one posts any advertisement unlawfully, the telecommunications enterprise may terminate the provision of the telecommunications service indicated in that advertisement.