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The Carpool Website sponsored by Taipei City, Taipei County, Keelung City and Taoyuan County (TTKT) kicked off.

While oil prices keep soaring, carpool can save energy, cut carbon and lower expense. “TTKT Green Carpool Network”, an on-line network collaboratively established by governments of Taipei City, Taipei County, Keelung City and Taoyuan County. Four governments, for the first time, collaborated on pool of private passenger vehicles, which fits in with the popular Green Transport. It is hoped that, under supervision of the government, a convenient and safe matchmaking platform can be offered in order to save energy, cut carbon, improve air quality and smoothen traffic.

Currently, 12 carpool communities (points) are designed as the example points. It is planed to start the propaganda in September. If the trial succeeds, the physical carpool stations may be put into consideration. Meanwhile, these example communities (points) have been preset into “ The TTKT Carpool Area” of TTKT Green Carpool Network. Thus, citizens working or living around the carpool communities (points) can find their carpool companions ASAP. These carpool communities include government halls of Taipei County, Taipei City, Keelung City and Taoyuan County, Hsichih Eastern Science Park in Taipei County, Far East Century Park in JungHe City, Lin Kou 2nd Industrial Park, Tucheng Industrial Park, Far East Century ABC in Bau-Chiau Road, Hsin-Tien City, Nankang Software Park in Taipei City, Dawulun Industrial Area, Keelung City and Jungli Industrial Park, Taoyuan County.

The web address of TTKT Green Carpool Network is http://intranet.tpepb.gov.tw/carpool/. Citizens can utilize it for suitable carpool companions. Citizens are also encouraged to purchase low polluting vehicles, such as LPG or hybrid cars, and take public transportation or ride bicycles more. Not only can carbon be cut, expenses can be lowered, too. It is hoped that everyone contributes their effort to minimize global warming.